Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Catchup from before. I'm better now...

Well, here's what's been up with me, day by day.

My antepenultimate post right now (the one before the one before this one, titled "Anybody up for handbasket races?") is misdated. It was made on Thursday, not Tuesday. I blame my stupid PC LJ program. Anyway, marnan gave me very good advice after it, and so I ate a meal, took a shower, and then napped till 1am. Got up then, started writing. Spend a fair amount of time off task even then, under that pressure, I'm afraid. Sloth is definitely my forte. So I wrote most of the longer paper, took another shower, and went to work. Did a little real work, finished off the paper. Skipped out on Dance TA practice to write the 1 pager, got that done. Just ditched my corrections from last week, need to get those done soon. Then I went to the Bayesian Party. When I was a freshman I took TC 310, Introduction to Bayesian Statistics, which is a branch of stats which can predict the probability of single, non-repeating events. Pretty cool, even if I forget most of it. So we had kind of a reunion of the classes who'd taken it before, as Dr. Jeffries is on a gradual retirement track. Anyway, went to that, went to British Studies (skipped the lecture to hit the party, but it was all good) and then home, where I ate, and then to bed.

Woke up, attended the first and organizational meeting of the Plan II Alumni Association. They're just getting started, and have finally gotten permission from Liberal Arts to organize, so about the time I graduate they'll probably be up and running and I'll be expected to pay dues. Still, this is really cool, and it was great to hear that according to the people present, where they are (major law firms, CreditSuisseFirstBoston, etc) "Plan II" on a resume means an automatic hire. Now all I need to do is find some of them in the Beltway region and get through law school.

After that I came back and putzed around on the computer a little bit, before going down to the football game. UT played Texas Tech, and it was a battle all day. We seemed to pull ahead in the 2nd, but they scored to be on top 40-35 with 1:51 to go in the 4th. We put Chance Mock in and he marched us all the way down for a touchdown in only 1 minute. In hindsight, we might have wanted to burn more time, because they took it back. Anyway, we went for two, got two penalties on them (half the distance to the goal each time) and ran it in for a score of 43-40. Tech did an excellent job of going down the field, but with :05 to go they decided to go for a field goal on their last play to tie it up and missed wide. Texas wins.
Anyway, I was only half a spectator. I was actually a vendor, hawking peanuts in the east side upper deck for 3 quarters. I made an amazing $20 in tips, which really made Sunday better. Went home with family, slept in my beloved waterbed at around 1.

Wokeup bright and early Sunday, (ok, 8:30. Close enough) Had breakfast with family, but something went wrong with the waffles and they weren't good at all. All around slightly tense feelings, but after prepping the car I got on the road towards Texas Ren Faire. Nice drive, nothing special about it at all, except I made all the turns right, and got there a little after noon. There I met by prearrangement tygerr, who has much more experience with these things than I do. Upon our meeting he passed on a multitude of hugs he'd been instructed to give, each at the appropriate height. Luckily all the senders were his height or shorter, so iclysdale saved us a lot of trouble there. So he showed me around and we admired musical groups, comedy acts including the Ded Bob show, and lots of costumes. Then there were the vendors, and oohhh. Angel Sword. Anybody willing to pay market price for a kidney? Awesome stuff. Well, it was as traditional a generally bawdy place, though I stayed out of trouble and really didn't sample any peril at all. That said, I had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back next year, with garb and attitude and hopefully accompaniment.

Rain came pouring down around 5:30, so after ducking into a very nice leather shop for a brief time, we decided that it really was then end of the day and made our exit. Drive home was slightly more eventful, in that I stopped in Hempstead (where fairestcat, norabombay, dsudis and I don't know who else need to go live, because every 500 feet for about a mile each way from town on the highway is a sign that says "Crossover". Just that. All over the place. Feels like I ought to see Buffy and Wolverine walking down the street holding hands when I'm around there. I stopped there, and it was raining fairly heavily. As I pulled towards my chosen place of teatime meal, I hear squeeling and saw a dark pickup fishtailing wildly behind me. Since I'd just made a turn, wasn't entirely sure what was ahead of me, and was at quite low speed, I did nothing, and it managed to get past me and on down the road without incident. Grateful for my escape from insurance, I pulled into The Scottish Restraunt, and proceeded to eat, etc. Got back on the road and made it home by 8:30, enabling me to gather up my stuff and catch a 9:00 bus in to campus, whereupon I got on the computer and chatted with very dear ones. And then to bed.

Just a regular class day, except I faxed off my course selections to Arcadia so that should be the last bit of my application. Also turned in my housing contract withdraw form, and went to the library after dinner. Meant to get 2 books, maybe 3. Got 6. Such buildings are dangerous.

With that, I'll end here, just because this has gone on far too long.

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