June 1st, 2009

leaped into competence

Because we didn't want you anyway

I'm at Genuine Joe's tonight, so I may be exercising Xjournal a bit and posting a lot.

james_nicholl has posted a NESFA "Core Reading List" of 726 authors and 3742 works.

Which is listed with incredibly arcane notes that aren't defined at all on the page:

Ackroyd, Peter
[k,Pf] n 1985 Hawksmoor

I'm trying to decide is this is the most newbie-hostile piece of web in fandom, or if I can fine something worse easily. Don't feel obligated to go looking, of course.
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Like that all the time?

Economics, it's a noble thing

An excerpt from J. K. Galbraith's "Money" p108 :

Eighteen years later, after the panic of 1837, the New York Herald concluded that "The United States were never in such a perilous condition as they are at this moment."

In a burst of chivalrous compassion it said that that especially "We weep and mourn for the poor, blushing, weeping, defenseless, innocent, beauteous females who are involved in the general crash."

Every later panic brought similar expressions of despair and and almost equally alarming prose.

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