July 18th, 2006


New Books Acquired

In addition to the library books I noted as checked out in my previous post, we stumbled in to Barnes & Noble on Sunday, and I put a bigger dent in the massive gift card family_news gave me for Christmas.

Naomi Novik
His Majesty's Dragon
Throne of Jade

Chris Bunch
Star Risk, LTD.
Lois McMaster Bujold
The Hallowed Hunt (pb)
David Weber
On Basilisk Station $3.99 introductory edition

Bought for jazz007
Alexandre Dumas
The Count of Monte Christo
Mercedes Lackey
Arrows of the Queen

On my "To Buy" list are both novels by Delia Marshall Turner, as she's a Veteran (50-59) sabre fencer on the US World Championships Team, and a really cool person I've had the pleasure of knowing online and at National tournaments.