July 17th, 2006


Books, and still alive, and all that.

So I see I haven't updated since 7/11, which is actually slightly better than I feared.

I am still alive, have pretensions to sanity, and am employed. I am a sworn servant of the Federal Government, and have, along with a lot of other people on this flist, actually taken an oath to preserve protect and defend the Constitution. In addition to keeping all information I gather as a Census Enumerator confidential and disclose it only to people who have sworn an identical oath. (In theory, Census information is more privlidged than just about anything else, in that there is no provision for releasing any personally identifiable information before 72 years have passed, and that will likely get bumped up as people live longer. For example, we are not allowed to disclose any illegal activity we see or see evidence of in the performance of our duties. If I encounter evidence of people making nuclear weapons or something like that, I may report it, but my only hope of escaping prison at that point is a Presidential Pardon (which I would be counting on).)

Anyway, I am not allowed to indicate where I work geographically, what project I am working on, or pretty much anything else. It's rather fun, actually.

Moving on to the more immediate topic, I've somehow acquired a lot more books recently.
Upon the recommendation of my Crew Leader Assistant, I checked Josephine Tey's "Daughter of Time" out from the local Library, and picked up 2 Michael Stackpole books to go with it. I haven't checked out anything from the library in a long time. My card had even expired. Anyway, the Stackpoles were "I, Jedi" and "A Secret Atlas", the first I've read and liked, and the second is a fantasy novel about Cartographers, and what can be cooler than that?

More on the books I bought and intend to buy later.