May 20th, 2006


.695 Metric Bryants

Being up late, not yet sleepy, and in need of something to do, what do you expect happened?

Of course, I decided to sort the 6 boxes of books I had brought over from my parents' house into fiction and non-fiction, and alphabetize them for easier integration into the existing shelves. The addition of our 4th 5 shelf set of shelves today made this a possible idea, as the books would not necessarily sit around on the table for a week like the V-Williams section did when we last ran out of room. This time, the books out to all fit!

So, I separated the fiction and non-fiction (mostly non) and put all the fiction on the table, and alphabetized it. Now, what could naturally come next, but to notice there really wasn't all that much of it, and go ahead and shelve it. Now, since the new bookshelf had been located in between 2 pre-existing ones, this meant a fair amount of rearranging was going to occur. Anyhow, having gone through all this without mishap, I decided that the most natural thing to do would clearly be to count the books in the fiction section (there's so much unshelved non-fiction because of lack of shelves, it didn't seem useful at the time).

So, the results:
Bookcase 1 (3 shelf)
A - Buchan: 57 books

Bookcase 2 (5 shelf)
Bujold - Dickson: 117 books

Bookcase 3 (5 shelf)
Dixon - Harris: 104 books

Bookcase 4 (5 shelf)
Harrison - Lee, Harper: 95 books

Bookcase 5 (3 shelf)
Lee, Sharon - O'Brian, Patrick: 63 Books

Bookcase 6 (4 short shelves)
O'Brian, Patrick - Roberts: 60 books

Bookcase 7 (3 shelves)
Robinson - Star Wars: 60 books

Bookcase 8 (5 shelves)
Star Wars - Zelanzy: 139 books

For a total of 695 books, or .1518 Old English Bryants