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Liberal Redneck Texan
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Sunday, July 31st, 2005

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Followups on the Most Popular HBP Theories
Spoilers, of courseCollapse )

To mention a non-spoiler HP topic, I'll wander into my thesis. In Afghanistan, there used to be (I understand its abated somewhat these days) two sort of societies, who accepted members from all the clans, tribes, etc. Their names worked out to "The Blacks" and "The Whites", and it seems pretty arbitrary who ended up a member of which. Their only purpose was to give brothers, uncles and other people too closely related otherwise an opportunity to be enemies over something. This from the culture which has the same word for "rival" and "father's brother's son" (cousin). Now, it seems to me that while the House differences aren't quite so extreme, there's still a lot of hostility between students in the different houses while at school, and the school actively promotes this. Why don't these rivalries carry over into Wizarding life in general? Why isn't there a store that won't hire or serve Gryffindors, or vice versa? After all, as far as we can tell everybody of importance in wizarding Britain, if not everybody, goes to Hogwarts. (Hmm. Has anybody tried to estimate the total size of the population if that's the case?)
New Serenity Trailer
Looks nice

River sure looks... dangerous.
Anybody interested in a movie tonight?
For Your Height Only at the Alamo Drafthouse downtown.

7 or 9:45, I'm not picky. Anybody up for it? Review here. Also, what in the world is Foleyvision???
Harry Potten auf Kanadisch
So, I'm looking for an Empire adult cover copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, because if I'm going to have it on my shelf I might as well have covers I like. Anyway, it seems to me that the easiest way to do this is pickup a copy in Canada when I'm there. Particularly if there's someone who bought two copies for domestic peace, or read it and didn't especially like it or otherwise has a used copy they'd like to pass on. Seeing as how I've already read it, I'm not too invested in getting it Right Now.
So, any suggestions? Used book stores? Friends who are looking to sell their copy?


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