July 19th, 2005

amoeba member


seen at desert_vixen, celticdragonfly and mardahin.

Okay, the idea here is to copy your friends list and bold the ones you have met in real life, and italicize the ones you have only talked with on the phone. Anybody you have only spoken to online, do nothing to their names. If any of your friends has multiple journals, list only one.

3jane, _miksjournal, alegria_a, alienor77310, allyra, andivebeen, angevin2, ase, ataniell93, belleaire, benet, bibliotrope, bitty2002, castiron, celticdragonfly, clarkk, coalboy, commodorified, cowseatgrass, crownless, dagibbs, damned_colonial, daveamongus, dejiko, desert_vixen, dsudis, ekaterin, eliset, fairestcat, fairmer, family_news, fattred1, filkferengi, floriatosca, frank_downey, gendou, grepmaster, gryphons_lair, guede_mazaka, harimad, hornedhopper, iclysdale, iuliamentis, janeydog, jazz007, jeremy_spencer, jeriendhal, jess655321, jimtbari, joyeuse13, jump_for_joyce, kayshapero, khavrinen, kilrex, kinetikatrue, kinzel, ladyvorkosigan, liana13, lianali, litalex, marcgunn, mareklamo, mearigh, meerkat1, micarius, miriel, moonwick, mud_turtle, mycrazyhair, nlbarber, norabombay, oilhistorian, ozrob_34, p3rlm0nk, p_o_u_n_c_e_r, pirate_hatty, profitne, quelrod, ravendiana, raventrickster, rolanni, rusty76, saberpirate, sarudy, selenesue, selenite, shsilver, spamchang, sraun, stellalunatic, stoutfellow, sunlizzard, surielle, tappu, taral, technocracygirl, the_blue_fenix, thebluerose, thewordnerd, toraks, tormenta, trolleypup, tygerr, unclewillie, ursusmarkos, utbioboy, xinef

Now, some of you I'm unsure of, because my mapping of LJ name to real life is a little vague. For example, I've almost certainly met bitty2002, but since I've lost the correspondence of WHICH Plan II student you are ;), I can't say for sure.
Similar with p3rlm0nk, where I'm sure you've been at something I've been at (Mojo's, say) but I can't swear it. So, if I've met you and failed to mention it, please correct me.

I also find the number of people I've only talked on the phone with to be remarkable. profitne, I'm pretty sure I talked with you for a very short bit when we did the simultaneous Austin/Seattle mini-cons. Again, anyone I missed?