July 12th, 2005


My icons are not as I think they are

Quite seriously, several of my icons don't actually look like I remember them as. The Farmboy one is much largest, in duller colors, and from a totally different angle than I picture it as being. My mental image of "Books" is a bunch all on a library shelf, all vertical, and without my name attached to it. It's funny, I guess it shows how little I look at them sometimes.

On the other hand, Tui is pretty much as I remember it.

Serenity RPG

From: agingcow2345 hotmail com
Subject: [stirling] product release notice for firefly fans
Date: 12 July 2005 10:10:31 AM
To: stirling@yahoogroups.com
Reply-To: stirling@yahoogroups.com

Margaret Weiss Productions - Serenity RPG HC - PSI MWP 1001 - $39.99 - September

I got this out of latest issue of Game Trade - whoever does the web sites for her multiple corporate shells needs lessons - gave up on finding a URL for the game