January 31st, 2005


2005 25th Poujardieu Memorial

I fenced terribly. Yeah. 0-6 with -14 coming out of pools, in 31st out of 33 places. Won my first DE, against my teammate, who'd been in the place directly below me. Then I fenced our coach David, who handed me my ass, though I made him work for it. Totally missed out on Paul's hidden advice towards flank cuts. I wonder what that would have got me.

Anyway, oh well. Hope Space City does better. Need a place to stay in Houston, if jazz007 wants to fence Women's Saber. Otherwise we can make it a 1 day trip to Houston. Then there's the Masters', the Rose Condon... Lots of fencing this semester.

Anybody know a good way to memorize the counties of England?
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    Bobby Horton - Dixie - The Civil War