November 21st, 2004


On Gaming

I have jazz007 sleeping on my lap, so I'm using my mom's conveniently available laptop to post on this topic, which I don't recall addressing recently. We just watched "The Crew" with my family, which I liked rather more than they did.

Anyway, so I needed something to do, so I looked up ArsTechnica and saw their gaming column was out again. (Also they covered the Power5 TPC results, but I talked about that Friday night at Kerbey.)
In there I saw two interesting things:

I was reminded of the existance of Stronghold a castle siege simulation game with a sequel coming out sometime soon. I desire to play it.

Also, Sid Meier's Pirates! is coming out in a few days, and looks interesting. However, it is a game. Observe from the article:

On the harder levels, it is more difficult to sail east as the winds usually blow much harder. Using a zigzag tactic will help you sail faster eastward, even though at the end you will have passed more distance. You will also notice that sometimes your ship just will not go east (if directly facing the wind).

Not the brightest sailor-gamers, I presume.

Oh yeah. After a wait of exactly one year, our 2005 Toyota Prius has arrived. It's AWESOME. Wish I would get to drive it regularly.