October 10th, 2004


The news :-(

Flight was fine, no travel problems at all. Arrived safe and sound Friday night. Visited right away, but no change. Grandma was completely unresponsive and sleeping the entire time.

Saturday morning we decided that since she still wasn't, responding, or even waking up, that the time had come to discontinue dialysis. We spent the morning arranging that and preparing for her to be transferred to a hospice care regime, which will be done in the nursing home.

Watched the OU game after lunch, but even a 12-0 loss wasn't really going to drag me lower. Their old minister came by during half time, and he gave a very moving story about pulling up tent pegs and packing the camp. Given the meaning of Camp to us, it was quite affecting.

It's tough watching the strain on my Aunt and Grandpa. Diana, the oldest daughter, was here already. Last night the son, Chip and his wife came down to visit. They went back that night but he'll be down again today. Linda, the youngest daughter came late last night. We took her out to the nursing home and she too gave a goodbye message. My mom should be getting back tomorrow in the early afternoon, and so we'll have the complete immediate family then.

jazz007 has proved a happy diversion to a nice degree. Diana and Grandpa found my LJ via Google, and so questions about her have provided a happy distraction. I haven't been composing, so she hasn't had her praises sung yet, but spoken quite often, yes. Debbie (Chip's wife)'s second question (after "Does she dance?") was "Will she come to Maine with us next summer?". So I guess that gives some indication of how welcome she is. :-) Must be their response to a good half dozen + years of no relationship news at all.

Thanks for all your love and support.

No changes or anything

But I had to pass on a few things. First, there is the story about Dot's dialysis doctor. I don't recall meeting him, but my aunt says he was quite a dish, and so she teased her mom about "Wouldn't you like him for a son-in-law?". Grandma's reply: "No, for a husband!". :-) What's 50 years of age between two people?[1]

Also, Diana was flattered by a nurse who thought I was her brother. Maybe it's time to shave again. That's a 30 odd year boost it seemed to give me, though I'll admit my mother's side does age well.

Finally, tonight we all went over there and Linda and Diana started singing songs. Grandpa and I eventually joined in, and it was very sweet, until Grandma's roommate called out "Ahhh Goh, shaddup!" That quelled us.

I cannot resist posting this link, by the way.
Why Tolkien's Chicken crossed the road

[1] Of course, her marriage has lasted 57 years, so she can't have been too serious...