September 19th, 2004


It's been a good day

Woke up at 9, and immediately my phone rang, as my roommate was locked out. Let him in, went back to bed till 11:30 or so. Got up, then drove him down to ACL to meet his GF, who apparently was already there. Then, bummed around the apartment till 6ish, when I left to go to Our Country at the IMAX with jazz007. It was pretty well done, no really huge omissions, although Willie Nelson was completely out of it. Also, I'd have liked to see more about the really early underpinnings of Country, more examples of Folk. "Will the circle be unbroken" is ok, but passes over so many important themes (murder, erotic or thwarted love, rebellion...) that are central to the genre.

Following that, we repaired to my place and watched "History of the World Part 1". Good movie, I love it. Will probably have to watch it again.

Eventually made it to Mojo's, where we are now. I'm starting to fade, so I'll probably head to bed real soon, and tomorrow will be (entirely?) taken up by my Dad's birthday.

Err, still unsure about housing for FenCon. Or much else about it. We shall see.