September 1st, 2004


Quick little quiz and result/response

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The Random Vorkosigan Fanfic Generator by minor_ramblings
Pen Name/Username
Favourite Vorkosigan Book
Planet of Residence
Pairing (If Desired)Elena Bothari/Baz Jesek
Random Object Used In PlotA talking fish
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I can even tell you how it starts.

"Baz!" Elena called. "What is this funny little thing you have in this jar?". The answer echoed down the corridor. "I call it a Babelfish. It's really amazing. If you stick it in your ear, you can understand a Lairouiban, a Cetagandan, even Miles at his worst. Actually, I recommend you take it out if he starts talking, because it's a terrible beauty to understand what he's thinking. But I just thought of another use..." Baz trailed off.

(A scene later)

"Baz, that was wonderful. It seems like any sound I made, you knew exactly what I wanted..."