August 30th, 2004


It's important how to know to play the system

Checked out a dozen odd books from the library today, on the advice of my thesis advisor.

I already had "Tournament of Shadows", so I merely got books with such interesting titles as The Pathan Borderlands, The Imperial Frontier and Lords of the Khyber.

Now, to the post title. My dad checked them out, so these dozen books are due on January 18th. This is how things should be. :-)

Other things today: Got up super early to try and get a football ticket. Did not succeed, and am thinking that for this game at least, TV will be fine with me.

Had a great time at fencing, and we even did a little sparring. I think I'm one of the better ones, although perhaps better opponents are waiting among my other classmates.

That's really about it, as far as worthwhile stuff goes.
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