August 10th, 2004


Good day, comings and goings Crush Meme

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Road work today with my mother. Having a pickup truck makes that so much easier. Sand moving, lots of shovel work, and we only got about 1/2 done or so. Had a wonderful time lying on a float in the lake afterward.

Tried to have a game of pinochle tonight, but only Tony and my cousin Tyler were interested/available, so we had to play 3 handed. I was soundly beaten. Tomorrow night perhaps, Dad and I can lure two more in.

Aunt Diana and her husband Frank arrived tonight. They're professors of Math Education at IU-Bloomington (have you heard of Diana Lambdin or Frank Lester, stoutfellow?) and are very interesting people to talk to. Aunt Linda, Tyler, Tony (sister's BF) and Grandpa are all leaving tomorrow, so the place will get a lot less crowded.
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