July 20th, 2004


My Day, with random other stuff

There are 16 copies of Busman's Honeymoon in my University's libraries. Only 14 of Gaudy Night.

I was awoken at 8am by workmen next door replacing the roof on the house there. They're quite noisy, and though they've quieted down from time to time through the day, they keep deciding to saw something again or whatever. Not really fun.

What have I done today? Spent a lot of time online, chatted with lots of folks. Called an apartment locater and made an appointment to look at some tomorrow.

I am going out of my mind with this work going on next door. I really don't cope well with noise when I'm trying to think.

Going out to celebrate a friend's birthday tonight.

NZ Politics News Story
You can see just from this how different things are. No blocked off routes for motorcades, they care about the speed limit, and the PM's flight was canceled. Can you imagine being the person who canceled the PM's flight? At least she knew she had to be at the Rugby. Would have missed a great match otherwise.
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