July 19th, 2004


Period Arguments/Discussion

Impressions I get hearing people talk about history:

Listening to people talk about historical periods, and the English monarchs associated with them, I am led to understand that the primary period of history is the Victorian, which lasted from 1776 (unless they're well educated, whereupon they put it back to 1787) to about 1945. This period is to blame for all of societies attitudes today, especially as it reinforces the mores of the Puritans who settled Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Oregon...

However, there are better informed people out there, especially in fandom. From reading the Bujold List, I discover that there was a Regency period, which seems to have lasted from just after 1588 to the Restoration, which happened about 1918 when Lord Peter Wimsey returned from France.

Digging even deeper, I discover the Renaissance, which took place between 1066 and the end of the Civil War in 1865. Also, there's the field of Historical Naval Fiction, when is usually series of novels describing the time between when sailing ships were discovered in 1776, and concluding at the introduction of steam powered ironclads in 1815, all English and all crewed by people who have 1000x more sex than I do, despite most of them lacking their choice of partners for years on end and it being banned.

Whenever discussing "history", people understand that whichever period of the above they've picked at their own, is the period under discussion, and that therefor all answers are to be about the time they have in mind. Because nobody's interested in that other boring stuff.

My apologies to everyone, but I just had to get that off my chest.
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