July 5th, 2004


In Wellington!

Arrived last night, and after a long uphill trudge achiever listie Robin Anderson's flat. This gracious gentleman is putting me up while I'm in Wellington, and has been a most excellent host. To be specific, after cognac, wine and cheese he plied me with a stack of Liaden books, and some Catherine Asaro. How many visits start with a ten book reading list? I suspect I won't finish them all.

Also, read a lot of Heyer in the past two days. Venetia in Christchurch, and The Convenient Marriage and The Toll-Gate on the train. Fanboy Squee! tCM where all the girls start out talking in capitol letters, and Venetia, where she promises to preside over orgies... I feel a need to write a sequel or something.

Saw this on profitne's journal. However, the virus catcher on Robin's computer warned me when I visited the page, so perhaps be careful yourselves.

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