May 18th, 2004


Mixed day, what a mixed day

Whatever somebody did to get the oven dirty hasn't gone away. I almost never use it, and I know I didn't do it, so I'm tempted to just let it slide. Then I read stories about terrible roommmates, and vow again not to be that kind of person/or live in filth.

Was late at coffee morning, but apparently didn't miss anything important, still got lots of cookies, and Milo to drink. I did miss last week, where they spent $50 on food, had a lot of people turn up, and made a big deal out of it. :(

Got my essay back in Terrorism. 71. However, I'm not sure what alphabetic grade that translates to. Things are weird down here, a C is like 50.

Discussion of Iraq in Terrorism Tutorial didn't go incredibly well. We all turned in our score results.

Got a call from MagnumMac. My Powerbook needs a screen replacement, and other stuff. Now expected to take a week. :-( Oh well.

Went to fencing today, had a good time, and a completely weird experience. In my birthday card from my mother's parents (I think that was when I got it) I received a xerox copy of a letter to my Grandma from a high school friend of hers. Read through it, mostly stuff about her family, etc, but it closed with the news that her granddaughter was doing her Master's at Otago. It included her phone number and postal address, but I decided that to follow up on this would be quite weird and such, especially since I couldn't make out who had written the original letter or how they knew my Grandparents. So I think nothing of it, till tonight when Carolyn, who I'd just finished a bout with, asks my name. I said I didn't expect her to remember it, since I hadn't been around in a month or so, and she said no, my grandmother told me her high school friend had a grandson studying at Otago, named Andrew, and he was from Texas. So we laughed quite a bit and compared notes. Apparently this "I vaguely know someone who knows someone in the same region as you" behavior is typical of her GM, but this is the first time she's ever actually met anyone that way.

Funny, eh?

Saw this in castiron's blog. Way funny. Worth reading. Probably ought to have links to the songs cited as references for each piece of advice, sort of like a legal article...