March 28th, 2004


Es geht

Yeah, another new icon. Still more unposted here.

Texas Women miss out on Final Four. :-(

Highlanders lose 44-29, and there were a ton of Crusaders fans at the Cook.

I think I'll go see "Love off the Shelf" at the Fortune Theater. That looks promising.

I've got the best email I've gotten in weeks, if not longer, today. Now to see where this goes. No further comments appearing here. At least until the next entry, or I change my mind.
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Throughly inside joke. Nobody gets it. "I am Not a LiveJournal Addict"

If you do get it, you may let me know, but no more please.

I love AIM. Even across thousands of miles and over a baker's dozen time zones it lets you be really close to ones you love.

My flatmates will undoubtedly say this is the most unproductive Sunday I've spent. (In a mostly unrelated note, Jill declares I'm gay, althogh I still have to be celibate.) I totally disagree on all point, and think it was about the most productive Sunday I've had this calandar year.

So yeah, I'm feeling really good. How about y'all?
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