March 3rd, 2004


Had a rollicking good time, plus

Getting plastered on a Tuesday night isn't usually a great thing, but Dan and I didn't have class today, so it worked out great for us.

Tuesday was perfectly ordinary, until tea time, when Jill pronounced a desire for other people to cook us food, and Alex said she'd be happy to eat wedges with us at the Captain Cook Tavern (no link available), so we went there. Had fish and chips ($5.50) and handle of Tui for $3.50, a good deal all around. Also managed to watch the Black Caps beat South Africa AGAIN, for the last One Day match. Record went to 5-1 or 6-1, I misremember. Poor South Africans.

After than, Alex's friend Geoff came by, who she's been talking about a lot, usually by describing him as a wank, or ass. He's Scottish, and a law student, and I'll agree with the ass part, but fun anyway. So we all hied down to Bowlers, where Geoff ordered the first two jugs of Speight's, and then it went around (me, Alex, Dan, Geoff) buying two each, so we downed a total of 9 pitchers. Alex and Geoff talked mostly to each other, but with a fair amount between Geoff and myself, and the night was most memorable for (non-drinking) Jill's attempts to improve me, and both her and Alex's verbal gaffes, immortalized on the quote wall.

In general, I discovered I am not allowed to say "penis", or a great many other things, I am NOT ALLOWED to have a sex life, and in general supposed to be "good". This was all explicitly mentioned by Jill. Dan got off somewhat easier, something about being a geology major works for him. Anyway, it was really fun, we got to bed somewhat on the far side of 2am, and I had a great time. I also have no intention of listening to their ideas.
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Students have a lot more flexibility to run freshman orientation than they do in the States, it seems.