February 15th, 2004


Leaving on a Jet Plane...

I need to be at the airport in 11 hours, and I'm not fully packed yet. But that's ok, I think, because if I get too much sleep, I won't be able to sleep on the plane. So this will be a long post, because I've built up a lot to say.

(Edit: Make that 6 hours)

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I've unsubscribed from the Bujold, Stirling and Videssos lists (I never read the last one, might as well drop it) to save my email box. Below I'll have a Bujold related cut/extended speculation, so if someone wants to forward that under my name it'd be fine with me, I'll read the archives after I get situated in Dunedin. I have my address, but no phone number yet. I may setup one with the ISIC which will give me free voicemail, if people want to leave those. Past that, we'll have to see if I can get software magic working.

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The real big project besides packing this past while has been cleaning my room. You wouldn't know to look at it right now, but there are 4 boxes worth of old papers and stuff cleaned out and waiting to be tossed right now, and more done previously. In this I'm finding lots of old school work I've kept for no good reason, and a lot of things I've kept for good reason. It's kind of sad seeing old cards from people I didn't get to be as close as I'd like to, or notes that I didn't interpret in quite as good a way as I'd wish. Then there's the stuff I've written...

Back in Senior year of high school, I had an unrequited crush. I did eventually try to ask for something that might resemble a date near the end of the semester, but it didn't happen. Deterred by that, it never went anywhere from then on. I just found a piece I wrote about her in English class. I suppose I might as well post it, so you can see how bad I am at this stuff:
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Heather Alexander ROCKS!! I got her CD on Thursday, didn't get a chance to listen to it all Friday, so I've been playing it all day. Thanks rusty76 for telling me about that backup band you got a CD from, I'll have to look into them. But Heather is now just about at the top of my "buy whenever money turns up" list. Just amazing. I really like "March of Cambreadth", but it's "Only the Music" that's captured my heart. It's a beautiful waltz, and if only I'd known, I could have gotten it played for one of my last dances in ballroom... Oh well. Must find Kiwi Waltzers.
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Don't call my cell phone

To everyone who I've given my cell phone number too, I'm not going to have it with me in the next 5 months, so there's no benefit to calling it. I'll give you my number in NZ when I get it, but email is always best.