February 8th, 2004


List Friends rock

I just got off the phone with James Bryant, who has agreed to attempt to hunt down a webcam for me in Britain and ship it to New Zealand. I feel like there's no country in the world I couldn't get things from if I'm willing to wait a few days and talk to the right people.

M-W meme, and mini-con

Meme from khavrinen

What m-w.com thinks of my handle:

Suggestions for kd5mdk:
1. cadmium
3. cocktail
4. Çatalca
5. cockeyedly
6. code-name
7. Caedmon
8. coddled
9. cuddled
10. cockchafer

Hmm... I think I like cadmium best, but I'm awfully fond of being cuddled, too. Couldn't find their definition for Catalca, and #10 is a form of beetle, FYI.

Had an excellent mini-con with castiron, rusty76, ursusmarkos, Danielle and Atalanta, who's LJ I can't find. We phoned the Seattle mini-con, putting us in contact with marnan, profitne, Rebecca, Kirsten, Dan, Paul, meerkat1 and I'm sure someone else who is escaping my mind. We talked a great deal about listish things, especially how some people are just Trouble and need some Clues.

Great fun and I'm glad we pulled it off.