January 13th, 2004


Ok, still terrible about posting

I have a ton of stuff I keep meaning to post about, but I never get around to writing it up.

On listening to music at workCollapse )

Room Remodeling

IntroductionCollapse )

New Bookshelves and A Nifty Construction TrickCollapse )

Having said all that, I will now post pictures of my room. If you want the full size, 200-400KB image, delete the _small from the url and make it .JPG (capitals). It's a rather slow server, so don't wish I'd just inlined everything.

My bed. Note the marching band pictures on the wall. The rest of my poster collection is missing. Waterbeds, especially when heated, are heaven.

My East Wall, directly opposite the bed The short bookshelf that will be moved to provide desk space and has all my old books (civil war, etc. Used to be my hobby)

The North Wall. My nicest & paperback shelves, also shows off my desk, currently covered with papers.

This would be the South Wall, with the other really nice shelves, most of my hardback, textbooks, DVD & CD cases (the CDs live in binders).

The new shelves over the door and closet as seen from below, like a normal person would look at them.

Same shelves, seen from equal height.

A focus on my desk, showing the 2 filing cabinets and mound of papers. I swear it's often better (and was much worse)

My closet with the shelved clothing system, which saves much aggravation in drawers and dressers, but also clearly displays I have too many t-shirts. It also is very constrained, in that it uses a LIFO algorithm. Last In, First Out. It is possible to go many months without ever hitting the bottom of a stack, if one keeps up with the laundry. A solution is needed. Sideways?

My upper shelves of games and other stuff, but I really wanted to show off the games. Cool stuff in storage, no? I really need to play more.

Well, that's all for now, it's 2:21 AM and I need to get my contacts out and into bed. Work is picking up, I could really use some extra hours like coming in a 10. Underemployment is no fun. :-(
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