November 30th, 2003


I went to Luckenbach Texas...

but not with Waylon, Willie and the boys.

Went with Mom, Dad, Sister, Mom's best friend and her husband. I read Churchill, by Roy Jenkins, on the way down. As it's a 900+ page book and I need it read by probably Wednesday, that was a prudent use of time.

We stopped in Johnson City to see their Christmas season kickoff parade or whatever it was. Had a nice dinner in a luncheonette my mother much likes there (it's better as an ice cream bar I think, but the weather didn't permit). Interesting parade, reminded me of the issues and topics of rural living compared to city. Real nice, friendly place on the surface, though it probably wouldn't accept most of my friends...

Rather surly when we got there, because I generally dislike small towns, particularly when with family. Things got better once the dance started, and it really was an excellent live band, even if all they played came from the 60s or before. (Well, maybe not. Folsom Prison might be later, I dunno). Left around 10, slept most of the way back.

Now catching up on LJ, email, etc.