November 11th, 2003


Anybody up for handbasket races?

I don't think this post will really qualify, but I just like the title and don't want to forget it.

I'm throughly worn out. I've gotten about 4 hours of sleep each night since Saturday. I have a major paper due tomorrow in History, and another weekly paper due as usual in British Studies.
I've told the instructor what I want my semester project to be in Linguistics, and would like to get started IF I didn't have all this stuff on me. Which means it will probably get pushed aside and forgotten until it's last minute. Need to see Will's play sometime soon, too. I want to conk out, but I can't afford to.
Finally, things just aren't going well in general. I'm looking on the bright side and shrugging things off left and right, but I'll be the Information Minister before too long if I pretend that it's all working. It's noting terrible, not like I'm about to die or get kicked out of school or anything, but just a series of not getting betters.

I'm going to go read the book I need to review and see if I get anywhere.
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