October 9th, 2003


Bad night, bad day.

I think I will get no sleep tonight. Because I need to start doing things at 8am on Friday, and this is the only way that happens, and I have a lot to do before then.

I need to finish this book, which is ~520 pages and I'm only on 145. It's slow going, academic and heavily footnoted, and while the footnotes are not relevant to my reading, I'm almost irresistibly drawn to read them too.

Then I have to write my one page review, and correct my previous review. Finish editing my classmate's papers. Write the 300 work weekly commentary to my Linguistics instructor. Contact my government group and see if anybody has, or remembers how to, log into the project website. And rant on LJ. :)

I wouldn't be so far behind in this book if I was reading my intended choice, but I've misplaced that one, I think at work. I hope at work. I really don't want to scour classrooms for it. (Oh, darn. I've been forgetting to mail Winterfair Gifts to S.C. Must do that tomorrow too from work.)

Saw a Lisa Loeb concert tonight, it sounded pretty good, though I'm not the fan most of the attendees seemed to be. It was part of the No More Violence Against Women Tour. Well run thing, all together, with a pair of nice topical short films.

My promised (in ase's LJ) talk of my near plans will come under lock soon.