October 1st, 2003


Woah, super egoboo


So at the end of fencing class, the instructor has us all line up with our partner of the day and do some sparring, which is a first for us. My partner today was a cool fellow, and we'd worked a bit together on how a left hander can strike after a parry 4, which is kind of hard when he's got his weapon arm covering most of the target area. So anyway, we start sparring, and it's fast and furious. Score? 0-0. I feel good. Then we rotate 2 down, and I'm matched up with another guy, and I quickly take the lead. bout ends 3-1, and he got that one because I was so busy attacking. Which is cool by me, because a 3:1 ratio is good enough that even if I'm no dy Lutez, I can still be happy.

After the sparring is over and we start to put our equipment away, one of the TAs comes over to me and say in an intense manner "Come to Club." He catches me again and explains that he really liked what he saw, thinks I have potential.

Ego-boo!!!! Now for if I have time for yet another activity. In any event, it will make my mother happy I imagine. As well as tygerr.
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