September 18th, 2003


Beating back exhaustion to say...

Ok, I didn't get enough sleep last night, so I'm really drowsy now, actually just got up from a bit of a nap.

^ The proceeding was accurate, but I seem to have shaken a deal of it off now.

Anyway, Greek Shirts finally came in!!!! Actually, they were in on Friday night, Will B wore his to the party, but it took until today for him to get things in order, the money straightened out, and us to have a class with each other.

So now I've got it, and lacking a digital camera, can only describe it. The front has a picture, a tracing of a photo, of Gareth Morgan, the UT professor who passed away a few years ago and who designed our Summer Intensive Greek program and the method it taught by, along with the textbook. I was about to say text, but no, he didn't totally rewrite Herodotus, Homer and Euripides. Still, I think we probably learned twice as fast, and likely twice as easily, as we would with a traditional rote method. Very nice.

On the back it has:

Well, I don't know how to insert Greek characters into LJ (anybody know?) so I'll just stick more or less the translation. I've left my lexicon and everything at home for the fall, so I can't be exact about it, only what we agreed it would say first. (Ok, I'm using

"Grated like cheese [1] and smashed to the ground like puppies [2]
we sailed on grieving in our hearts[2]
carrying the head of the brother[3]
grateful from our escape from death, lamenting our lost companions[2]

or something close to that. I need to check up on 'lost', it doesn't seem right, and there's probably some connection between line 2 and the 2nd half of 3.

[1] from Euripides Medea
[2] from Homer The Oddessy Book IX and X
[3] from Herodotus The History, Book II
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