September 7th, 2003


I am completely confuzzled

Ok, so I finished reading about the Percys, and noted the discomfort an author has to deal with when writing about people who are still alive and who's cooperation is quite helpful for the book. Especially when they're Aristocrats in a world that's less and less accepting of them. Anyway.

Reading about that reminded me that my mother's family name is supposed to come from somewhere thereabouts that region, so I thought I'd pop off a quick Google and see what came up.

Besides the naval adventure books about a rake (by Dewey Lambdin) which clog up the results a bit, I came across this page, the topic of which I think we already bought the book for my grandpa. I know the author is further than 2nd cousins from me, and that's all I care about, really. But this little bit at the bottom of the page totally confused me:

" Native Americans should not be offended by this page.
This book is in reference to the Lambdin heritage.
As Lambdins we have the same right to know our heritage,
as you have the right to know of yours."


Of course, I may be slightly sensitive on NA topics, but really... I just cannot imagine what prompted that. Really weird.
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