August 21st, 2003


I love chats

Even if someone's connection sucks, it's still a ton of fun.

Those who participated, you know who you are. I'd also like to thank someone's drunken roommate who gave us so much to talk about and fun.

Everybody involved is aware of it. Everybody not can wonder. Transcripts mailed tomorrow.

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I am bringing across the border...

No, I haven't slept yet.

I love this song, but it means nothing unless you're from Texas.

I'm bringing "Survival of the Witless" with me to Canada. Who's in for a game, at TorCon or not?
Links: A review
Official Page, not very helpful
Another review

I think the 2nd review, being from what appears to be an official publication, isn't able to accurately reflect the game's true humor. I need to go lookup what the Chronicle of Higher Education had about it in the quoted article.

Noting my typing errors above (the ones I've caught), I'm no longer suitable to interact, so I'm off for a nap at the moment.
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Ok, I found the Chronicle piece

I love the internet. Lexis Nexis can pull up an article 5 years old in how long with just a 2 year date range and 4 work query, and go through the entire files for that time.

I'll cut the piece below, since I doubt most of you could get to it any other way.

HereCollapse )

I've leaving, on a jet plane...

Well, I'm packing now for my trip to the great north, scheduled to begin in 12 hours, plus sleep. I wonder if I should bring a powerstrip. With all the plugs I need (actually, yes, I do) it almost makes sense. Or I could just bring the laptop and potentially get some work done, and plug most things directly into that. Hmm...

Hmm, the title I put seems wrong, since really it's the return I'll feel this way about. Not too much in Austin to miss at the moment, I feel. Besides classes.
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