Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

A day

It was indeed a day. Wake up and work on essay, go to work, go to TA practice to learn that I misread the email enough that practice really had been canceled. This is fine, as I needed the time.

Call Arcadia to see if they've gotten my application. They can't find it, ask if I can take a callback. I go in to see Dr. Kendrick, my well loved economics professor from last fall. Sadly, he doesn't really remember me, and thought I'd taken him 2 or 3 years ago. Bit disappointed in that, as I really liked him. Still got a promise of a recommendation out of him, so we'll see how that goes.

Arcadia calls back, says that my application wasn't actually submitted, and was thus probably hanging around in internet space on their site. Said "We don't know why exactly this happens..." but she'd let it slip at the start of the call. I was too dumb to press the submit button on their webpage, and they're too polite to admit it. However, they took care of that from their end, and by the time I got back to my room I had an email thanking me for submitting my application.

Time for more work on the essays for class and got IMed by fencing buddy who I'd almost given up hope of response from. Then off to class in my normal shirt and tie, in 47deg weather (American degrees, of course). Was much less cold than I'd expected to be. The lecture went far too long, and then so did the discussion. Entered at 3, got out at 6. From there, back to room, dinner, chat with Ann, who was a TA till she up and graduated and got a job in Dallas. We all miss her, and she promised to come visit.

Then I set out for Midnight Rodeo for some good dancing, but was interrupted by a call from none other than hornedhopper. As all who need to are aware of her family situation, I'd sent an email of support and a suggestion that a phone call would be welcome, so that I could say the same. (Not wanting to call myself and catch any of them at any of the myriad of inconvenient times they must be having) So we ended up talking for 23 minutes on my cell phone while I stood on the patio of the parking garage. A very nice conversation, and I'm glad to hear that things are going as well as they are.
She had not heard of my trip to Ft. Worth, so I described that a little. Also gave a very positive verdict about my WorldCon experience, and confirmed some gossip she'd heard. :-) (The grin is because, well, yes, it was about me.)

After phone call was over I wondered if anyone would really want to dance with someone who had as cold a hand as I did. Judicious frostbite treatments and the van heater eliminated that concern, and so I proceeded to arrive at the dance hall and danced from then (9:40?) to 2, whereupon I proceeded home and wrote this.

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