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I'm having a great time

Well, Ottawa is pretty cool.

This was writen at ~2AM Eastern Time

I'm tired and not really in a condition to talk, so I'll just stick out what I remember:

The Ottawa Folk Festival is really cool. Tons of cool performers and I'll probably leave some 140 CDN the lighter. If:

All the ATMs I've tried have been unable to comprehend my ATM card. I mean, it's from a reasonably sized credit union tied in to almost all the other credit unions in the US, one would think that Canadian ATMs would be happy to take it and charge me their fees, but they do not seem so inclined. So now I'm basically mooching off marnan and counting up what I will pay back when we figure this out. I haven't had the chance to use my CCs yet, but I have this quiet dread that they won't work either. Luckily, they have phone numbers at them, and I have my cell phone (at probably outrageous roaming charges) to call them and point out it's their friggin business to make it work. That said, I haven't used the CCs yet, so all I can say is we will see.

All the people I've been introduced to by marnan and iclysdale have been cool, including emerlion and Loryane. I'd list the others but their names I've forgotten and if others have LJs I don't know them.

Back to the Folk Fest:
I am totally bowled over by the amazing coolness of the Arrogant Worms

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