Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Keeps me busy

Ok, I spent all day (8am to 6:30pm) working at the Longhorn Open fencing tournament.
Will probably go back tomorrow, but maybe not at 8. Then again, maybe so.
All in all, quite cool, and I get Monday class canceled, so my day doesn't start till 1.

Now I've found the perfect way to kill all my time (till 11pm when the UT games comes on tape delay. I know we won 56-0, but it sounds like there were a lot of big plays that should be fun to watch.)

BMG Music (yes, evil RIAA company) is doing yet another one of those "Join our club and get X CDs free." Now I'm wary of this kind of crud, and the regular prices you'd have to pay are insane ($17.98 for most albums, it appears). But the offer of 7 CDs free now, one bought at regular price, 4 more free after that, and I can cancel, is pretty damn seductive. (Ok, not as much as a sultry looking redhead with a bottle of wine and a come-hither command)

So now I'm ploughing through their catalog looking for everything I might possibly want so I can decide what to pick if I fall for this. It would also indicate a significant step in my goal to make my music collection 90% legal, I believe. That is of value to me. So I've already prowled Folk, Bluegrass, Comedy, Children's and Classic Country, and am now working on Contemporary Country.

The real challenge is that I've bought a number of compilation CDs, which severely complicates the task of knowing what I own already. Then there's the stuff I hear every week in Ballroom class, which means I usually want it but can't remember if I have it, or even if I know the proper name. Finally there's the question of do I just want a single or two from someone, which suggests the iTunes Music Store is a better deal, or do I want more of their work.

All in all, a very complicated goal.

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