Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

What a nice day

Well, other than I'm about to get sick since marnan was badgering me about my health (which is a cause for sickness, I need to tell iclysdale), I have a nice day.

The government professor was whiny about how people aren't participating enough in the game, but given how hard it is for some of us to come up with people to talk to (Hello, I represent an international terrorist organization that has no admitted allies. How much public communication can we have?)

Work was ok, except I ran out of CDs with an hour left to go, so I'm behind on my lord of the rings listening. (I have the complete audiobook set on CD, but I only listen to it at work. I'm trying to use it to keep ahead of my Tolkien class, but we're advancing faster than I can listen)

The Linguistics class itself was pretty good, too. Had a quiz which looked really bad, but which turned out to be alright. (Every Tuesday we have a quiz over the reading, which is going at the rate of two books/week now.) Then we translated the inscriptions on the Hollin Gate of Moria and on Balin's Tomb, which was quite easy but took up all our remaining time.

Then on to Dance, where Charis (one of the other TAs, and now 23) made her own birthday cake and shared it with us. It was heavenly. I told her that if I got the recipe, I could be married tomorrow. She noted that hasn't worked for her, but I thought our life plans were slightly too divergent to correct that immediately.

After dance, walked back to Jester and donated blood. Though of putting down Alec, but decided it probably wouldn't work out. Since then I've been playing and working online.

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