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Job fair

Just in case people I know are looking for something basic, my employer is holding a job fair tomorrow. If you're interested, let me know so I can send in a referral.

From: White, Marilynn M.
Sent: Friday, May 30, 2008 12:05 PM
To: *MSC AUS Announcements
Subject: Tell Your Friends - Austin MSC is holding a job fair June 3rd

Austin MSC is hosting a job fair:

When: Tuesday June 3rd
Times: 10am – 2pm and again 4pm – 8pm
Where: Austin MSC

There will be an ad in the Sunday paper and we also continue to look for referrals from our current employees. Remember, UTS and UIS employees are eligible for referral awards. General guidelines for the awards are provided below.

UTS and Unisys employees are eligible for Employee Referrals made to UTS or Unisys

1. Are all UTS employees eligible for a ERP reward if their referral is hired into UTS?

Generally UTS employees are eligible for a reward unless the following circumstances apply: (This is true of our UIS program as well)
NOT eligible for an award if person:
• Is responsible for recruiting and source-related services in HR. (Note: HR business partners may not receive a referral award for any position that is in the business unit they support)
• Participates in the interview, selection process or decision making for the open position.
• Refers someone to become a student employee (either intern or co-op).

No awards will be paid for referred candidates:
• Previously referred by another source (i.e. a search firm, temporary labor agency
• Former employees on layoff for fewer than 12 months
• Discovered through routine business correspondence or a corporate-sponsored event (for example, a letter and resume sent or submitted online to Unisys, a job fair, a trade show, campus recruiting, etc.).
• Current Unisys employees.
• Current employees on leave of absence.
Awards will not pay for referrals:
• For student positions (i.e., intern, co-op, US role codes: W00365 or W00366). (If a student employee is later hired into a regular position, an award will be paid to the initial referrer).
• For temporary positions. (If a temporary employee is later hired into a regular position, an award will be paid to the initial referrer).
• Contractors. (If a contractor is later hired into a regular position, an award will be paid to the initial referrer).

Unisys Technical Services Referral Awards
Type of position Award amount
Non-exempt $250

Part time (position must be over 6 months in duration) 50% of award above based on the type of position
Payment terms:
Referring employees who meet the eligibility requirements will receive a cash award if the referred candidate is employed 90 days after initial hire into the position (i.e., on the day following the 90th day of employment). UTS referrals are not eligible for kickers and there is not a cap on how many referral awards are paid out*. Check with your local Recruiter and/or HR Business Partner if you have questions.
If you have additional questions, please check with your Supervisor.

Thank you.

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