Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

ReaderWare Evaluations?

I just sent off the following email to ReaderWare support, and am looking for experiences other people have had. Especially from celticdragonfly and selenite, though we understand if you're too busy to say much.


Hi, I'm looking for a library solution for a moderately sized
collection. About 1500 books, 300 CDs, maybe 75 DVDs. Nothing
excessive by your standards I'm sure, but big enough to require a
management solution.

This should be accessible on a network with approximately 5 systems, 3
Windows based (one desktop and 2 laptops, running XP Professional) and
1-2 Mac OS X (one laptop, possibly one desktop). If not a desktop
mac, there will probably be a Windows Home Server or Server 2003 box
instead. Given this requirement, it seems like the 3 in one 5 license
Server option is the best bet. Which leads to the following

1) How is cross-platform licensing handled? If we buy the 5 license
version, do we get 5 keys, or one 5 use key? Do they work in all
operating systems? Can a system be unregistered to allow for its
replacement? Could an additional licence be added if we obtained a
6th computer, or is the server limited to 5 connections?

2) We currently have the following mobile devices:
a) Windows CE 3.0 HP PocketPC.
b) 2x RAZR v3m phones which will acquire data plans. Are there any
plans for a web interface that might work over those?
possible future mobile devices include a Blackberry, Treo with Windows
Mobile latest, or iPhone. Any particular ways to sync with those?

3) Are USB CueCats still available? We'd like one of those.

Thank you,


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