Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

I can feel it coming back

For those as don't know, I have several defined "skillsets" at my job. That is, there are several different phone numbers users call in on, and they get different answers (and different procedures) based on each.

I came in working TSA, and several months ago was cross trained to take DHS Headquarters calls. I am on rollover from DHS, which means that if all the fulltime agents are busy, then I take their calls. Then I got sick in February at the Rose Condon tournament, and couldn't talk for several days, so they turned all my skillsets off and assigned me to following up on open tickets. Once my voice came back my DHS Overflow was turned back on, and then they added TSA Outage (basically, the direct line for the Command Information Center to report servers, services and sites going down or back up). So I've been coasting along, taking DHS calls whenever they're full up (most mornings and nearly all day, sometimes) and doing ticket followup in the breaks and afternoon. I hadn't taken a TSA frontline call in nearly a month.

Then I volunteered to work overtime this weekend, 8:30-1:30. I must say first off I am much happier waking up for an 8:30 start time than I am my regular 6:30. Much happier. However, weekday traffic will not permit such enjoyment. My first two TSA calls on Saturday I made stupid, simple mistakes. Stuff I did when I was just starting, not now. However, by the end of the day I was feeling much better, and by now I'm almost completely back up to speed. It's a good feeling. However, I'm still going to ask to go back to ticket followup and have my TSA turned off tomorrow.

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