Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

We have Bed

jazz007 and I have been dealing with substandard beds for some time. Our current bed is a queen we were given by moonwick which is rather old (I'm not sure how long he had it, but it was quite some time) and really showing its age. So we've been vaguely looking at beds for a while now, a process that was somewhat jump-started by the opening near Austin of a new IKEA opened up near us in Round Rock.

One of our requirements was that it be a King sized bed, as we were really desiring the extra space to avoid disturbing each other with our different schedules. Actually, we go to sleep at the same time, but the thought that I might be going to bed earlier and getting more sleep is a nice one. That narrowed down our choices a substantial amount, as many of the choices in various styles are not available in King and in many others it made them prohibitively expensive. We eventually narrowed down our choices at Ikea to either the Hopen or Malm designs. We looked at other furniture stores, but didn't see anything that seemed compelling. Sunday night, as we were driving home from selenite's birthday party we decided we were tired of having this hang over us and we would stop at Ikea and finish it off. After much going back and forth we decided to go with the Hopen. Then, on our way out, we found a Malm King sized in Medium Brown (the color we'd picked) for $85 + $10 reinforcing rail. The damage was all on the bottom, where it won't be shown at all. Given the Hopen we'd selected was $290, we figured we had a pretty good deal. There was some concern about whether the particle board construction (which is pretty thick) would stand up to just being screwed together, so we're going to get a lot of black bolts and washers at Home Depot and replace them all. That should add a bit of extra excitement to the assembly and boost the robustness considerably.

The mattress we selected, the Sultan Hamno:, was not available in King in stock, and the sales guy just said keep calling back until they come in stock. This is not the best of situations, but to get a King sized mattress we are satisfied with for $429 must take some compromises I guess. Anyway, it's sitting in our appartment waiting for assembly.

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