Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham


It occurs to me that I haven't actually posted about my new job. That is something a number of people would like to know about.

I was hired with a start date of Sept. 18 to be a Service Desk Representative at Unisys. Specifically, I am supporting the Transportation Security Administration queue. We are the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) and basic technical support for about 120,000 users, although a lot of it is password resets, which are quite easy. I was in basic training with a lot of other people going to different queues for two weeks, and then spent last week out at my queue learning how we do things there. I spend Thursday and Friday taking calls with a mentor on my shoulder, and was supposed to be on my own all of today, but there were account issues which meant I wasn't able to go independent until 2:30. Due to the Federal Holiday, it was an extremely slow day.

My shift is 6:30AM - 3:30PM, Monday - Friday. I am paid $13.85/hr, with full benefits, corporate discounts on cell phone service, cars, etc and all the other benefits you should expect from working for a Fortune 500. Office location is on Mo-Pac between 290 and William Canon, so with jazz007 working at Apple we're planning to move westwards a bit across town and shorten our drives.

I can't think of any other work related updates at the moment.

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