Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Census Job

I took the test for the position of Census Enumerator yesterday. They may hire for other positions, but it looks like they're primarily looking for legwork. Which is fine, I need to walk more, and I understand the hours are flexible. I called for my score today, and was told I made a 97, so I imagine that's probably good enough to get hired. Nice thing about Government work, a score like that makes you pretty confident.

For those who haven't seen the position/are located elsewhere, the Census is hiring temporary workers in Travis County (and some other one) to test out the procedures for the 2010 Census, including little PDA-like data recorders. I see Dell logos prominent on the promotion material, so I presume that's the vendor. Anyway, they pay $14.50/hr plus milage, and provide 40 hours of training. It's supposed to last from 5-10 weeks, which isn't great, but is a lot better than other temporary work. I saw my ex-roommate today and mentioned it to him, and he seemed pretty interested, as it would be a perfect job before he starts Med School. (Achievers...)

Anyway, that's the first piece of good news I've had job hunting in a long while.

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