Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham


The shelves are full. That is, the 5 bookcases devoted to fiction. The 3 we've dedicated to non-fiction are still unshelved, but I'd say we've got enough books in stacks that they'll be filled.

Currently, we've been sorting the non-fiction into the following categories:
Language (Foreign, and Linguistics)

There need to be categories for
Biography (possibly)
and I forget what else.

Then there's the stuff that could be crossfiled all over. If I believed this shelving was anything near permanant (like, we had a house) I'd be tempted to put notecards where books might go, if they had been filed here ("The Worldly Philosophers" Heilbroner R. shelved under History.) put cards in PoliSciEco and Biography. Or something like that. Also, am totally ready for us to put all these in a database. If Jazz gets her Apple job, maybe Delicious Library. Or, which I like. Or maybe we;ll make the money to shell out for Readerware, although to really use its advantages would probably take the server version...

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