Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Parents can be quite cool

Well, my mom got back into town today from Reston, and so she and dad stopped by my room so they could see it for the first time. It's 11x12, so we spent a decent amount of time talking about how her apartment was 7x11 when they met (feet, you Canadians and other modern types). Lots of talk of what cooking implements could be useful in the dorm context. Finally they left the Homemade Apple Pie they brought. So I took it to our P2SA meeting, where it got rave reviews, and then with 3/4 gone cut the remainder in half. Offered a piece to my RA, but she declined, being on a diet. She suggested that a girl down the hall was very interested, so I wandered upstairs (with both pieces) and made the offer, which was gleefully accepted. So now I've got a leftover piece, and am debating whether I want it for myself, or if I'll offer it to Jess or Steven.

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