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TIAPP: Political Parties as seen by someone I know

The following comes from an IRC discussion I didn't see while away from my computer. Anyway, I thought people might be entertained to read it.

[17:18] anyway, this one MOther Jones contributor was going on about how, "no president in history has done more to enshrine his personal religious beliefs into law than GWB"
[17:19] I was like, "someone needs to tell James Dobson, because he's pissed"
[17:19] let's see:
[17:19] abortion: nope
[17:19] anti-gay marraige amendment: nope
[17:19] prayer in schools: nope
[17:19] the list goes on
[17:19] not a single religious right holy grail type issue has been turned into law
[17:20] Dobson ripped Rick Santorum a new one on his radio show the other day for that
[17:20] all these years of Republican control, and none of the cultural right stuff has happened
[17:20] and none of it will happen, either, because the minute abortion is outlawed there's officially no reason to vote Republican for a lot of people
[17:21] I mean, it's certainly no the party of fiscal responsibility
[17:21] or job creation, or looking after the middle class, or any of that nonsense
[17:21] of course, neither are the Dems
[17:22] Anyway, the left is fucked on multiple levels, and the right is too busy taking casino money and being corrupt
[17:22] there is no left
[17:22] that you even think there is shows that the republicans have won
[17:23] yeah there is... they exist, but they're not very relevant anymore
[17:23] I know a quite a few old-school Ivy educated media establishment lefites
[17:24] and none of them have a clue how most Americans live or what makes them tick

[17:24] The reason taht the GOP is running the show now is that they're corrupt versions of ordinary Americans
[17:24] The Dems are slightly less corrupt versions of old-line elites
[17:26] Ok, that was my political rant for the day

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