Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Catching up...

So yeah, dinner was a 1 and we had guests, but it was a good time. Most conversation was about James Bond, and things that might tangentially relate to that, like Skippy's List.

Anyway, in the recent past, I have:

Read Powder & Patch, and didn't especially like it. Read April Lady, which I rather did like. Read Nine Taylors, which I liked, though not quite as much as other Sayers. Also, did the 15 year old ward of Lord Peter's ever show up again?

Fenced in the Bobcat Open this weekend, and came 14 out of 55. Jaimie came 38th. I feel rather better about my place as I lost 15-10 to the fellow who took 1st, so it was fine. In addition, I refereed the foil and epee competitions, and in addition to some very helpful confidence, made not indecent money.

Joined a pool league, so my Tuesday nights are spoken for now.

jazz007 and I are going to Fencon, we've finally arranged. That is, I called the hotel today and made the reservation. Memberships at the door, I suppose. Hope I'll see many of you there. Also Leslie Fish & Steve Stirling as GoH's, so should be fun.

Nothing else of importance that I can think of. Dad's birthday was postponed until Thursday.

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