Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham


Hello all. jazz007 and I are moving in to our apartment tomorrow after we arrive in Austin from staying in Ft. Worth with celticdragonfly and selenite. I believe our intention is to head straight to the apartment complex, sign our lease, and unload the (overloaded with her things from VA) truck. Thence we will head to my house, obtain my large van, and both procede to her storage unit on North Lamar. Hopefully everything in there will fit in those vehicles, and we can empty that in one go. Back to the apartment, unload. Then to my house, which is slightly less of a priority, as I can get in there most days, while she will owe more rent if the unit isn't emptied soon enough (31st, anyway). Also, she has the bed there. Anyway, my house is the last priority. I think the furniture needs to be somewhat arranged, and that's about it. The unpacking is really best a personal project, I suspect.

Anyway, the gist of this is if you can show up Saturday afternoon (yeah, we're great advance planners aren't we) starting somewhere resembling 3pm, we'd appreciate your help. Our phone numbers are located in a phone post directly before this one in my journal. It would be best if you called us to arrange things, as this is going a bit seat-of-the pants, I'm afraid. All help appreciated, as we shall be in quite cranky moods if we have to do this all, and I really would prefer to spare Jazz that on her 21st birthday. Dinner looks to be Zen, and naturally will be extended to all helpers. Birthday plans are pretty much to kick back, relax and drink after the boxes are all hauled in. Brought drink appreciated.

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