Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Phone Post:

197K 0:54
“Hi! This is Jazz and I'm doing a phone post to Andy's LJ, because we are about 150 miles from Atlanta, and we are bored! And we figured this trip should be chronicled somehow. Sorry we missed everybody, we're going to stop on the west side of Atlanta for the night, and we're going to start again in the morning, and catch up with Laura and Karl tomorrow evening, and it's all going to be jolly good fun. I-20 West I'm sure will be its usual delightful self. Andy, do you have anything to add? (Not especially, except for the packing joys.) Oh yes, the packing joys. We had fun loading the trucks because I have way too much crap. I'm going to need to get myself a paid account so that I can do this for my own fun, and in the meantime we're going to keep driving.”

Transcribed by: celticdragonfly
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