Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham


From jazz007, selenite, celticdragonfly and joyeuse13:

Directions: Type "(your name) is" , (with the quotes) into a Google search, cut-and-paste the first 10 responses that work. Just pull the answers right out of the excerpt google shows you, don't click the link and search around. The only rule is that each one has to start with "(your name) is".

Andrew is kind enough to let me read your emails.
Andrew is a loony · He hasn't slept in something like 48 hours now. He's a loony.
Andrew is said to have been responsible for spreading the tenets of the ...
Andrew is represented in art as an old man with long white hair and a ...
Andrew is born in Dunfermline, Scotland, to Margaret and Will Carnegie. ...
Andrew is the English translation of his Dutch name.
Andrew is from South Africa and ...
As Minister Responsible for Information Technology, Andrew is working to ...
Andrew is one of the most coolest skateboarders in the world, He rocks. ...
Andrew is Senior Policy Counsel for Google Inc., based in New York City. ...

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