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Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

This looks very interesting

Any old time radio fans? I used to have a set of tapes when I was a kid. I think we kept them in the cabin in Maine. Maybe they're still there.

Anyway, I didn't like them too much, at first. The Green Hornet was ok, because it was a detective/hero show. The Shadow creeped me out.

I did like Burns & Allen, that was fun, and the W.C. Fields/Charlie McCarthy sketches were great. Also Stan Freeburg, who had a great sketch about a "censor" who was restricting "insensitive material", and his reaction to "Old Man River". "Old, a word some of our elderly listeners find distasteful..."

I suspect some of my appreciation was limited to being somewhere between 8 and 12 when I found these, too.

Anyway, that's all well and good, but I've had a vague hankering to dig these old radio shows up again and see if they're funny in my older years. What have I found?

Old Time Radio is a nice overall resource - With a starting cost of something like $7.50, and decreasing amounts thereupon depending on quantity, you get to download from this FTP site. Apparently $7.50 gets you the first GB, and there's some sort of sliding scale thereon. They estimate 1GB is about 140 shows, in MP3 format. They allow and even encourage multiple people using the same account (it's all the same to them, counted against that account's bandwidth...).

What have they got?
60 Charlie McCarthy shows (out of over 500, of course)
52 Adventures of Horatio Hornblower
40 Burns & Allen
510 Jack Benny (From what I've seen in his guest appearance on my Burns & Allen tape, I'll like him)

Oooh! Under Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy they have an additional 15 shows, including the Adam and Eve episode with Mae West that got her banned from the radio for ~15 years.

243 Perry Mason
65 Scarlet Pimpernel
123 Sherlock Holmes
Society for Indececy to Naked Animals???

Only 15 Stan Freebergs, but good looking ones (the Abominable Snowman is always a good guest)

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