Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Running Half-Blood Prince Log

It's pretty clear this is a book based on the English school system when the protaganist can fail two subjects in the OWLs and be JUST FINE. That's almost literally unamerican, I think.
p 102

Does anybody find it disturbing from a banking point of view that Bill Weasley can draw cash from Harry's accounts without his knowledge?
p 108

Am I being exceptionally dirty minded when one of the Gryffindor Beaters is named R. Coote? p 225

It seems odd to me that Hermione hangs around in the Quidditch Team Changing Room. Perhaps they're just more open about these things in the wizarding world, but it brings to mind that scene from The Cheerleaders...

It took me until Snape demanded to see Harry's textbooks for me to realize Tom Riddle is in fact half-wizarding blood.

As of page 583, Draco seems a likely candidate for the Dead Guy. However, I am immediately proved wrong, I think.

Ok, the actual Dead Guy doesn't really surprise me. It makes sense, given the way she wants to make this work.

Finally, Harry is a 100% IDIOT. You've got a pretty redhead who likes you and whose parents approve of you, and dump her because you want to be all angsty and defeat evil on your lonesome. I'm not fond of people who feel like that in general, and Ginny certainly doesn't make it any better.

That's that

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